Declaration of War upon the “Nachonnian Reich “/Nacho Army

Raise a glass to freedom,

Ghost Clovers, now is the time to fight.

The Nacho Army has taken an unfair advantage in their war against AR by breaking their own rules. As a result I find it necessary that we help our brother allies in their time of need.  We shall stand with our brothers as they fight against tyranny.

Lin-Manuel Miranda told me to help AR and he is god so I must listen to him.


  •  No Botting
  • No Multilogging
  •  Invasions must be scheduled within 24 hours
  • Defenders follow Invaders

If these rules are broken by either side then they are automatically classed as the losers of the war and all of their servers are given to their opponents.

Mark my word Nachos, by the end of this your empire will be as real as Edwin’s heterosexuality (non-existent).

Daddy’s calling, Nachos.

The Ghost Clover Administration.



One Response

  1. I Co-leader of Ghost Clover signs off on this.

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